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DV Certificate

Customer safety, privacy and trust in a business are a way to the long-term success of every company. SSL certificates ensure that your customers’ personal details and sensitive data are protected with your website.

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Domain Validation SSL Certificate

Domain Validation Certificate

Domain Validation certificates are the most basic level of SSL certificates ensuring that your domain is protected. Since it is a fundamental certificate, it only verifies the domain name of the website. DV certificate shows your domain name is registered, and an admin is running the URL safely.

Advantages of Domain Validated SSL certificate

Cost-friendly than any other SSL certificate.

They are quick to get

A good option for small businesses

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Domain Validation Process

How we get you certified

Tech365 makes it easier for you to choose the right certificate as per your current needs and future growth possibilities.

Before buying an SSL certificate you need to understand the security requirements of your organization. As per your business type, size and customer journey, Tech365 gets the right certificate for your company.

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