Wildcard SSL Certificates
Customer safety, privacy and trust in a business are a way to the long-term success of every company. SSL certificates ensure that your customers’ personal details and sensitive data are protected with your website. After enabling the right SSL certificate, you can be confident about the data on your website as it will be securely transmitted.
Wildcard SSL Certificate
If your business has multiple sub-domains that you would want to secure, this is the right certificate for you. A single name certificate is only a great choice to secure one specific sub-domain. Wildcard SSL certificates secure multiple sub-domains with just one single domain. If your company and website grow, you might need security for multiple sub-domains. That is when a company needs to consider wildcard SSL certificates.

Secure multiple domains with a single sub-domain.

A good option for large size or growing companies

How We Get You Certified

Tech365 makes it easier for you to choose the right certificate as per your current needs and future growth possibilities. Before buying an SSL certificate you need to understand the security requirements of your organization. As per your business type, size and customer journey, Tech365 gets the right certificate for your company.

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