Multi Domain SSL Certificates
Customer safety, privacy and trust in a business are a way to the long-term success of every company. SSL certificates ensure that your customers’ personal details and sensitive data are protected with your website. After enabling the right SSL certificate, you can be confident about the data on your website as it will be securely transmitted.
Multi-domain SSL Certificate
As the name suggests, a single multi-domain SSL certificate secures multiple domains. They are also called SAN certificates considering they provide complete control over the Subject Alternative Name field. You get validation for multiple hostnames regardless of whether they are from the same domain or not.

Provide security for multiple different domains with one certificate.

A good option for large size or growing companies

How We Get You Certified

To get this certificate, there is a certain procedure to be followed. This also includes a thorough verification of your company by the certification authorities. It can take weeks to months, if not done in the right way. This process could be time taking and we make it easy for you. At Tech365 we provide all types of SSL certificates to the different types and sizes of organizations on a regular basis. Hence we make this process seamless for you and do it in the right way so you get verified on time. We make sure you don’t get stuck in the verification process. Whether you have a large e-commerce website with sensitive customer data or you are a startup with minor security requirements, we help you get the right SSL certificate so you can win the trust of your customers.

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