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Quest is a well-known software company providing fast-paced solutions to solve the modern challenges faced by IT enterprises. Whether you need to manage and monitor your databases or control your hybrid environment, Quest offers effective security solutions to back you up with the most efficient and the latest technology.

Quest’s Toad

Quest is a well-known software company providing fast-paced solutions to solve the modern challenges faced by IT enterprises. Whether you need to manage and monitor your databases or control your hybrid environment, Quest offers effective security solutions to back you up with the most efficient and the latest technology.

Toad for Oracle

Toad for Oracle is the only developer tool that makes it easy to simplify workflows, manage code defects, increase code quality, and boost code performance while assisting team collaboration. Optimize your databases’ performance and mitigate risk by automating administration tasks.

Toad Edge

Lightweight and reliable, it enables developers and database administrators to manage open source databases. Toad Edge supports coding, editing, schema compare and sync and DevOps CI processes, so you can manage easily and confidently on MySQL and PostgreSQL. It even helps managing platforms like MariaDB, Amazon Redshift or EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Toad Data Point

Data Point by Toad is a self-service, cross-platform tool for data integration that simplifies data access, handling, preparation, and provisioning. It provides nearly limitless data connectivity and desktop data integration, and with the Workbook interface for business users, you get simple-to-use visual query building and workflow automation.

Supporting Platforms For Toad


Database 2

SAP Solutions



Amazon Redshift

Azure SQL DB





Oracle BI Enterprise

Quest Foglight

Foglight is the most comprehensive and deepest monitoring and optimization solution for hybrid enterprises. Besides monitoring, it provides deep diagnostic capabilities across servers, virtual machines, containers, and clouds.
Through Foglight, IT teams can overcome the dual challenges of diverse technical infrastructures and limited expertise across multiple database and virtualization platforms.

Foglight for Databases

Foglight cross-platform database software allows you to work through a single console, proactively improve database performance and increase visibility by monitoring all your diverse databases centrally. With alerting, diagnostics, performance analytics and more, you’ll easily optimize database health across your entire environment.

  • A single monitoring and diagnostics platform for hybrid database environments
  • Powerful database workload analytics for optimization
  • Proactive problem detection and directed investigative workflows

Foglight for Evolve

Foglight Evolve addresses hybrid cloud management in a proactive manner so that your data center can be streamlined, infrastructure costs can be reduced, and performance can be maximized.
You can now take on a complex mix of cloud, hypervisors, and applications while keeping resource requirements under control and meeting system uptime and performance SLAs.

  • Infrastructure performance and availability monitoring
  • Cloud cost modeling
  • Optimization of resource usage before cloud migration

Supporting Platforms For Foglight

Active Directory

Amazon Redshift



AWS Services

Azure SQL DB


Azure Managed Instances


Microsoft 365





KACE Unified Endpoint Management

KACE by Quest supports unified endpoint management (UEM) by helping you find and track every endpoint in your environment, automate administrative tasks, maintain compliance requirements, and secure your network against a variety of cyber threats.

KACE Unified
Endpoint Manager

A single, intuitive interface combines traditional endpoint management with modern management tools. It lets you manage all your endpoints from a single console while you co-manage traditional and modern devices, including Windows and Mac laptops and iOS devices.

  • Scan to discover devices and remotely provision them
  • Access a detailed inventory of data on each traditional device
  • Define policies and administrative functions for a single device or group of devices
  • Autonomously track, deploy and maintain current versions of software and applications
  • Automate patch identification and deployment

KACE Systems
Management Appliance

KACE Systems Management Appliance automates and manages your network-connected devices. It helps you improve endpoint security while addressing your hardware and software distribution and management needs, all through a centralized interface.

  • Inventory and IT asset management
  • Patch management and endpoint security
  • Software license management
  • Service desk management

KACE Systems
Deployment Appliance

Use the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance for fast, automated large-scale image deployments across multiple remote sites while eliminating systems imaging and OS issues. Easily provision, manage, and update master system images and drivers across different platforms.

  • Systems imaging and software deployment
  • Multisystem deployment
  • Remote site management
  • Automated deployments

KACE Cloud Mobile
Device Manager

KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager allows you to inventory, manage, and secure the mobile devices in your environment. Take advantage of a simple, straightforward, cloud-based solution for mobile device management. Enjoy single-pane-of-glass management for both mobile and traditional devices when combined with the KACE Systems Management Appliance.

  • Powerful device control
  • BYOD and company-owned device support
  • Android and iOS Support

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