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GitHub is one of the world’s largest communities of developers. It is an industry-leading platform for collaboration and communication among developers. The GitHub platform has a number of useful features that allow collaboration among development teams and the creation of new versions of software without disrupting the current version, but that’s not all it offers.

Collaborative coding

Automated environment setup enables quick contributions. Make sure you see the changes you care about. Build a community around your code.

Automation and CI/CD

Automated everything: CI/CD, testing, planning, project management, issue labeling, approvals, onboarding, and more.


Secure code as you write it. Analyze every change to your codebase and find vulnerabilities before they reach production. And get additional security features with GitHub Enterprise.

Client Apps

Take your GitHub projects, ideas, and code with you on any connected device and connect with your clients.

Project Management

Give your team continuously updated information on your progress, priorities and roadmap.

Team Administration

Update permissions, add new users as you grow, and give everyone the exact permissions they need.

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When you are new to GitHub, things seem complicated. This is where we come from, to help you catch up with the new technology quickly. Our experts are at your disposal to help you speed up with GitHub and make you build effective workflows.

Tech365 helps you leverage the pros of GitHub to let you maximize your work efficiency. As per your requirement and budget, we negotiate with the vendors and get the best deals for you.

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