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Expert Technical Guidance for Real-Time Desktop Support
The foundation of every business is to have efficient workstations that drive productivity. Any day-to-day issues with these can lead to an enormous waste of time and resources for your company. To keep your Mac, PCs and other peripherals functioning efficiently, you need expert support as per your needs.

Our Approach

Although our Help Desk supports new users and equipment set-ups as well as other desktop projects, our first priority is to resolve high-priority incidents that impede an existing client’s ability to work. Therefore, we divide our services into two primary categories; Real-Time and Desktop Project Requests. This approach offers many benefits to our clients:

Ensures that when you have a top priority issue, our frontline technicians are available to serve you immediately

Minimizes the time you spend on the phone while our technicians work, thus delivering a superior customer experience.

Enables us to offer low prices and provide additional services at no charge by leveraging our less expensive NOC resources when direct client interaction isn’t required.

At the heart of any successful, efficient business is an IT infrastructure that is unfailingly reliable, extremely secure, industry compliant, and continuously monitored by a desktop support analyst. If it doesn’t sound like your company, simply call on Tech 365’s Help Desk and let our trained Desktop Support technicians handle your ongoing system administration, preventative maintenance, systems monitoring, and hardware repair so you can focus on your core business functions.


Routine monitoring

Remote desktop troubleshooting from our data centers

Server and network support

Standard operating system support for both Windows and Macintosh

Expert repair for personal computers, laptops, software, and hardware

Comprehensive help for computer networks

Specialist support for complex server and network projects

Tailored computer training by our desktop services technician

Assistance with cloud computing issues

How We Make a

At Tech365 we respond to a wide range of end-user requests for Desktop Support. Our flexible solutions allow you to choose the level of help you need so that you can find the right technician and the right support for technology that serves your needs better. We believe that effective Desktop Support identifies the products and services that will help improve your company’s functionality and ultimately your bottom line. That means there is no one-size-fits-all package of support; our technicians work to help you achieve your company’s specific goals.
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Reduced Risks – 4194

Industry-Leading Support – 1092

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With desktop support from Tech365, you can resolve top priority issues, get a superior customer experience and enjoy additional services at a low cost. We can also function as your Chief Information Officer (CIO), offering long-range IT consulting and planning development and implementation of new IT and telephone system solutions. Whatever your company’s needs, Tech365 can help you achieve your goals with effective technology.

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