Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Complete and Affordable Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Network Security is a critical key to success and sustainable growth for every organization. Having said that, most companies face security-related challenges frequently. It requires a thorough understanding and the right knowledge of how a network works and operationalizes to keep your IT Assets secure. In this technology-oriented day and age, your enterprise is only as strong as the computer infrastructure that upholds it. As more and more businesses rely on their voice and data communication networks, the availability, reliability, expandability and security of the network becomes mission-critical elements of your operation and are essential to your professional image and customer relationship.

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Tech365 delivers enterprise-level protection for companies of all sizes, ensuring that your organization is prepared for data disasters that could disrupt or even disable your business.

Tech365’s complete and affordable data backup and disaster recovery solution prepares you for disaster survival with tiered resilience. Through our partnership with Datto, a leading provider of data backup, recovery and business continuity solutions, Tech365 provides a comprehensive single solution that provides backup, recovery and business continuity.

We ensure redundant levels of protection including local backups and recovery through onsite image-based backups and business continuity through backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. This reliable program enables your organization to recover from virtually any outage or catastrophic event, from data loss and server crashes to major disasters.

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Tech365 professionals ensure proper management of your environment through the use of our best practices across multiple disciplines, including:

Infrastructure Design and Architecture

Data Restoration



High Availability


Shared Storage

Data Backup


Disaster Recovery

At Tech365, we believe intelligent business continuity goes beyond data protection to deliver automated assurance, continuous protection, secured storage and instant recovery. Contact us for a complete data security management solution.

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