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HP Aruba

Simplify network operations and management

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HP Aruba offers an easy-to-deploy, IT-managed alternative to consumer network equipment. With these solutions, you can streamline your operations, automate grunt work, and see problems before users do.
Tech365 helps you simplify network operations and management with cloud-based Aruba Central.


Aruba Central helps simplify deployment, management and optimization of wireless, wired and WAN environments by providing unified cloud-based network operations, assurance, and security platforms.

Device Discovery and Profiling Solutions

Device Discovery and Profiling Solutions

The risk of a serious incident increases when there are unknown devices on your network. Stay on top of today’s IoT security and compliance challenges with our security and compliance solutions.

Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management

Learn how to manage and protect multiple, geographically distributed locations from advanced threats with network security solutions.

Secure Network Access Control for Modern IT

Secure Network Access Control for Modern IT

With the advent of IoT and remote workers, we're finding a different way to think about network security. Exercising granular security controls across your wired and wireless networks will reduce your risk.

Remote Access VPN Solutions

Remote Access VPN Solutions

Aruba’s cloud-managed access points (APs) and soft clients make it simple and fast to provide secure, reliable connectivity for your remote employees and students.


Aruba Access Points

Aruba’s indoor and outdoor access points. With enterprise connectivity that’s simple, fast, and secure,
you can boost IT, user, and IoT experiences.

Aruba Gateways and Controllers

High-performance network access, security and resiliency for the campus and branch across WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN.


Access Switches

Get what you need, connect users, Wi-Fi 6 access points, and IoT devices. Find solutions you can manage with ease.

Campus Core and Data Center Switches

Meet the needs of your evolving campus core and data center networking requirements. Simplify operations with intelligent automation, distributed analytics, and always-on infrastructure.

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