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Customer’s Safety, Privacy

Customer’s safety, privacy and trust in a business is a way to the long-term success for every company. SSL certificates ensure that your customers’ personal details and sensitive data is protected with your website.

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Domain validation certificates

Domain validation certificates are the most basic level of SSL certificates ensuring that your domain is protected. Since it is a fundamental certificate, it only verifies the domain name of the website. DV certificate shows your domain name is registered, and an admin is running the URL safely.

Advantages of domain validated SSL certificate

  • Cost-friendly than any other SSL certificate.
  • They are quick to get
  • A good option for small businesses

Organisation validated SSL certificates

OV SSL certificates ensure your organisation is verified and situated in a particular city and country. They also show a few details of the company to your visitors. Seeing the company’s information, your customers will be more confident about your company and would want to associate with your company. Indeed, this certificate is more convincing for your customers as compared to the DV certificate.

Organization Validated SSL certificates
Introduction about Organization Validated SSL certificates


  • Cost friendly
  • Shows authenticity for your organisation
  • A good option for start-ups
Identity verification

Extended Validation SSL certificates

Not only it validates your domain name and organisations, but it also verifies that your business is legally registered.


To get this certificate issued, it takes a number of weeks depending on the certificate authority’s decision who will be verifying your company as an established legal entity.


Among DV, OV and EV certificates, the latter is the best to show that your company is authorised and trustworthy.


  • High security
  • Trusted by a larger set of customers
  • A good option for mid-level and multinational companies.
Digi cert

Tech 365 makes it easier for you to choose the right certificate as per your current needs and future growth possibilities.


Before buying an SSL certificate you need to understand the security requirements of your organisation. As per your business type, size and customer journey, Tech 365 get the right certificate for your company.


Being a trusted channel partner with multiple vendors, we get you the best SSL certificate providers considering your requirements and budget. We negotiate with the vendors to get you the best deal along with a seamless certificate integration with your domain name and hosting website.


Leave your SSL certificate requirements on us and focus on your other crucial business activities. We will make sure to provide you with an SSL certificate from the right vendor at the best price as quickly as possible.



To get this certificate, there is a certain procedure to be followed. This also includes a thorough verification of your company by the certification authorities. It can take weeks to months, if not done in the right way. This process could be time taking and we make it easy for you.


At text 365 we provide all types of SSL certificates to the different types and sizes of organisations on a regular basis. Hence we make this process seamless for you and do it in the right way so you get verified on time. We make sure you don’t get stuck in the verification process.


Whether you have a large e-commerce website with sensitive customer data or you are a startup with minor security requirements, we help you get the right SSL certificate so you can win the trust of your customers.



are SSL certificate provided since long and hence we deal with multiple vendors and negotiate with them to get you the best price and seamless certificate integration with your domain name and host website.


you can leave your SSL certificate requirement on US and focus on your other activities while we provide you an SSL certificate from the right vendor with the best price possible at as quickly as possible.


to get the SSL certificate there is a procedure to follow.