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Cloud Planning & Migration

Agile and flexible, our cloud migration service helps streamline your enterprise migration to the cloud.
AT Tech 365 we begin the planning and migration process by giving enterprise IT leaders a comprehensive view of their technology consumption, so they can quickly and clearly identify opportunities for growth.

Our Approach

Cloud Discovery

Before we move a single workload, our discovery team works with you to plan a course of action that will achieve your business goals. We learn your application dependencies, enterprise assets, migration move groups and unique business considerations while collaborating with the migration team to devise a lean migration strategy that not only moves your enterprise workloads, but optimizes them for the cloud, aided by world class reports and data to support your enterprise governance.

Cloud Migration

Whether you need a turnkey solution or a fully-supported cloud migration service, we know how to help. We have migrated thousands of workloads leveraging our purpose-built, enterprise cloud migration methodology, integrating all work streams with a streamlined and agile approach which includes discovery, migration, architecture, cut-over, management and maintenance. Our experienced team of industry leaders ensures that your migration is secure, rapid and cost-effective

Training and Support

Cloud computing opens a whole new level of efficiency and innovation, but it also means a new way of doing business. We guide your team on the finer points of cloud technology and operation with online, onsite and formal classroom training sessions. Moving to the cloud is only the first step – and we won’t leave you behind. We offer a variety of cloud migration service options that help optimize your operation – and allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

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