Polycom Upgrade With The Workplace Of The Future
Polycom is one of the best laptop brands known to solves various business challenges, especially for the hybrid working environment. With the recent dramatic shift towards remote and hybrid work, Polycom has become one of the best choices. It offers devices with the right support to the users working remotely or working from home.
We are partners with Polycom to provide you with the best deals on the latest laptops that fits your requirement and increase business efficiency.


Make a big impact in small places

Sound Station 2

TRIO 8500

Conference phone

TRIO 8800

Conference phone


Conference phone

Desk Phones

CCX 600

Desk Phones

VVX 350

Desk Phones

VVX 401/411

Desk Phones

Video Conferencing

Poly Studio

Video Conferencing

Poly Studio X50

Video Conferencing


Video Conferencing System


VVX 450

Expansion Module


Expansion Module

Headset Series

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