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Navigating the Tech Universe

Explore top-notch desktops and laptops from Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Apple. Elevate your computing experience with performance and style in one place.


Powering Your Connections

Experience seamless connectivity with our Cisco and HPE networking solutions. Elevate your network infrastructure to new heights with industry-leading technology.


Elevating Your Digital Experience

Explore Logitech, Dell and other’s innovative accessories designed to enhance your digital experience. From cutting-edge mice and keyboards to high-quality audio and more, we have the perfect accessories to complement your technology.


Your Digital Command Center

Discover a world of server excellence with a lineup that includes the cutting-edge offerings of Natunex, HP, Dell, and more. From robust performance to scalable solutions, our servers are designed to fuel your digital ambitions and take your infrastructure to new heights.

Unified Communication

Unified Communication

Experience seamless collaboration and productivity with the dynamic duo of Microsoft 365 and Google Suite. Our unified communications solutions empower your team to work smarter, communicate better, and achieve more, all within a single, integrated platform.


Protecting What Matters Most

Unlock peace of mind with our state-of-the-art security solutions. From safeguarding your data to shielding your network, we employ cutting-edge technology and expertise to defend your digital domain from emerging threats, ensuring your peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Electric Vehicles

Urban Mobility Marvels

Discover the future of urban mobility with OKAI electric cycles. Combining cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly design, OKAI electric cycles offer a convenient, sustainable, and exhilarating way to navigate city streets while reducing your carbon footprint.


Unleashing Photography’s Magic

Step into the world of professional cinematography with Blackmagic Design cameras. Offering unparalleled image quality, versatility, and creative control, these cameras are trusted by filmmakers and content creators worldwide to bring their visions to life with stunning precision and cinematic flair.

3 Decades of Excellence

We’re the most trusted value added resellers with over 30 years of industry track record.

Computers and Devices

Healthcare providers are gradually emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with a renewed focus on digital transformation

Medical Monitors and Computers

Laptops and Mobile Devices

Antimicrobial Point of Care

Mobile Capturing

Telehealth & Patient Monitoring

Healthcare providers are gradually emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with a renewed focus on digital transformation

Medical Carts & Accessories

Telemedicine & Software

Digital Peripherals

Remote Patient Monitoring

Networking & Connectivity

Healthcare providers are gradually emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with a renewed focus on digital transformation

Signage, Collaboration Centers and Displays

Application modernization

Network Modernization

Real-Time Video Conferencing and Streaming

Military-Grade Computing Solutions

In the realm of national defense, having reliable and robust computing solutions is imperative. Tech365 provides state-of-the-art technology designed for the unique challenges faced by the Armed Forces.

Rugged Laptops and Computers

Secure Cloud Services

Advanced Data Encryption Software

Military-grade Storage and Backup Solutions

Cybersecurity & Network Defense

In an era of increasing cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive information is critical for the Armed Forces. Tech365 offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions and network defense mechanisms.

SSL Certificates and Encryption Tools

Advanced Network Security Software

Endpoint Protection and Anti-malware Systems

Secure Communication Platforms

Audio/Visual Communication Systems

Effective communication is pivotal for military operations. Tech365 enhances communication capabilities for the Armed Forces with cutting-edge audio/visual solutions.

Tactical Communication Devices

Real-time Video Conferencing and Streaming

Advanced Audio Communication Systems

Military-grade Collaboration Centers and Displays

Classroom Technology Solutions

Tech365 empowers educators and students with cutting -edge classroom technology, fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Interactive Displays and Smart Boards

Student Laptops and Tablets

Audio/Visual Learning Aids

Educational Software Suites

Network Infrastructure for Schools

Reliable and secure networking is the backbone of modern education. Tech365 provides tailored solutions to ensure seamless connectivity and a safe online environment for students and staff.

SSL Certificates and Encryption Tools

Advanced Network Security Software

Endpoint Protection and Anti-malware Systems

Secure Communication Platforms

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Efficient management of educational resources is crucial. Tech365 offers intuitive Learning Management Systems to streamline curriculum delivery and enhance the overall learning experience.

Cloud-based LMS Platforms

Interactive Courseware and Content

Secure Online Testing Solutions

Integration with Student Information Systems

Fleet Management Solutions

Tech365 revolutionizes transportation logistics with advanced fleet management solutions designed to optimize efficiency and enhance overall performance.

GPS Tracking and Telematics

Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance Software

Fuel Monitoring Systems

Real-time Route Optimization Tools

Intelligent Transportation Systems

In the fast-paced world of transportation, Tech365 delivers Intelligent Transportation Systems to improve safety, reduce congestion, and enhance overall traffic management.

Smart Traffic Lights and Signal Control

Automated Toll Collection Systems

Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance

Connected Vehicle Technology

Logistics and Supply Chain Technology

Efficient supply chain management is critical for the transportation industry. Tech365 offers innovative technologies to streamline logistics operations and improve the flow of goods.

Warehouse Management Software

Inventory Tracking and Optimization

Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

RFID and Barcode Scanning Systems

Construction Project Management

Tech365 empowers construction teams with robust
project management solutions, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

Cloud-based Project Collaboration Tools

Scheduling and Planning Software

Document Management Systems

Real-time Project Tracking and Reporting

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In the era of digital construction, Tech365 introduces advanced Building Information Modeling tools that revolutionize the design and construction process.

3D Modeling and Visualization Software

Collaborative BIM Platforms

Clash Detection and Resolution Tools

BIM for Facility Management

Construction Site Technology

From smart construction sites to safety innovations, Tech365 delivers cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and safety on construction sites.

IoT-enabled Equipment Tracking

Drones for Site Inspection and Surveying

Wearable Tech for Worker Safety

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Government Resource Management

Tech365 offers comprehensive solutions for public departments to efficiently manage resources, streamline operations, and enhance public service delivery.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Budgeting and Financial Management Software

Citizen Relationship Management Tools

Procurement and Vendor Management

e-Government Services

Empower public departments with digital transformation through Tech365's e-Government services, promoting accessibility and transparency in government interactions.

Online Citizen Portals

Digital Document Management Systems

Electronic Voting Systems

Civic Engagement Platforms

Cybersecurity for Public Entities

In an era of increasing cyber threats, safeguarding government data is paramount. Tech365 provides tailored cybersecurity solutions to protect public departments from potential threats.

Government-grade Network Security

Secure Data Encryption

Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

Access Control and Authentication Systems

Emergency Communication Systems

Tech365 provides cutting-edge communication solutions to empower emergency forces with real-time information exchange and coordination during critical situations.

Secure Radio Communication Systems

Emergency Alert and Notification Platforms

Interoperable Communication Solutions

Mobile Command Centers

Incident Management Software

Efficient incident response is crucial for emergency forces. Tech365 offers incident management software to enhance situational awareness and streamline response efforts.

GIS-based Incident Mapping

Real-time Incident Tracking

Resource Deployment Optimization

Collaboration and Information Sharing Platforms

Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Technology

Tech365 equips emergency forces with technology to enhance disaster preparedness, recovery efforts, ensuring communities are resilient in the face of crises.

Emergency Response Planning Software

Predictive Analytics for Disaster Planning

Remote Sensing and Monitoring Technology

Geospatial Intelligence for Disaster Management

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